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What We Do

As Minoredu, we help to develop new smart revenue models, grow tech startups globally and transform their business models as conscious ones.

Conscious tech startups and organizations that are responsible to the world and take action on what they can do with their startups in line with the United Nations Development Goals have been choosing Minoredu to train them since 2016. To date, Minoredu has selected and trained 16,000+ entrepreneurs (we call them Minorpreneurs) and helped them start from scratch, from developing the right business model to finding the right market strategies. From these trainings, 72 startups have emerged (all of them have gone far beyond the death-valley) and 7 exits. To date, the total valuation of these startups has reached approximately $816,000,000 (24.25 Billion Turkish Lira).
Why We Do

We can't change the world by ourselves. However if we raise a million entrepreneurs who will never give up, we can change the world together!

Entrepreneurs can only be successful if they do not give up with their right product and business plan. There are many entrepreneurs who have changed their own lives and those around them. However, there are extremely rare entrepreneurs who have the goal to change the world and people's lives. That's why we founded Minorpreneurs and launched Minoredu to train new conscious tech entrepreneurs to change the world together!

How We Do

Minoredu changes your mindset & makes you as a global winner entrepreneur with its own style learning methodologies.

In World's first & only personalized entrepreneurship edtech platform, Minoredu will guide your way to change your own mindset. You start to think outside of the box with Minoredu... Always. With its own personalizable training & practice moduls, you can become an all time winner in every situation that you will enter.
Who We Are

Our team has almost two decades of experience in global entrepreneurship ecosystem and has helped more than 3000+ startups.

Believers of us & core team of Minoredu has managed a few billion dollars as C-Levels in top 500 companies, raised over 870M$ for their own startups & invested over 190M$ in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We are all give-backers who want to see the new brilliant ideas that will become successful, heart-warming, happy-ending stories.

As Minoredu, we have been walking towards to more brighter future for you with all the institutions and organizations that believe, trust, support and work with us.


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Have an Unique Accelerator Experience

Personalized Entrepreneurship DNA's

In Minoredu, you can reach the one of the top personalized education for yourself & your startup to develop & improve your skills


Rapid Global Mentoring

Global mentors of Minoredu will follow you as you continue your studies and will begin to support you before you may need them.

Mental & Physiological PowerUps

An entrepreneur (Minorpreneur) who has developed himself mentally and physically and who learns from his past mistakes will definitely win.

Developing Long-Term Business Relations

Entrepreneurs want to achieve success in a short time, but they miss most of what they can gain in the long run. At Minoredu you will be investing in your long term future from day 1.

Most Successful Moduls

After the trainings, the contents of the modules are listed according to the success rates of our entrepreneurs in their own lives and in their own startups.
96.7% Success

Smartly Planning

3-5 years plans never work. Plan your strategies smartly day-by-day thanks to this modul.
95.3% Success

Validation is King

More than 50% of startups die because of the wrong customer target. Validate your customers to make your startup as winner ones.
93.7% Success

How to be Fundable?

There is a lot smart money has been waiting to make your startup global! However you have to know how to ask for it!
91.4% Success

Alphabet in Marketing & Sales

Do not know only the meanings of LTV, CAC, DMU, CPC...etc. Be an expert to manage the Alphabet!
90.2% Success

To Be Global or Not to Be?

Do not focus on Product-Market fit. Learn about its culture and habits to be the top 3 companies that will make a difference in your potential markets.
Discover Your Potential | Learn Simply, Build Deeply | Validate Your Market | Transform into an Investor Magnet | Plan Smartly |
Discover Your Potential | Learn Simply, Build Deeply | Validate Your Market | Transform into an Investor Magnet | Plan Smartly |

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