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“Social entrepreneurs (Minorpreneurs) are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry!”
Bill Drayton

Learn simply, build deeply

MinorEdu is a world's first personalized entrepreneurship education platform for who wants to be tenacious entrepreneurs to change the world!
1) Discover Potential

Our country based unique artificial intelligence (we called her ANU) will help you to discovering your unique potential with its special algorithms

2) Find Your Passions

Our special AI assistants, ANU & our mentors will guide to find out which things you can learn easily & more funnier way

Social Startups
3) Social Startups

On your learning process, you will start to find best solutions to save the world & ANU will create the best team for you!

4) Accelerate

ANU & best matched mentors will accelerate your startup idea very fast!

5) Smart Money

We will match you with the best global investors to bring you smartest global money

6) Change the World

Thanks to your social startup and investments to your business will help to change the world together! ❤


“All our dreams can come true. If we have the courage to pursue them.”

Every invention was just a dream before! People made them real by believing in themselves. MinorEdu always will be with you to make real your dreams!

World Changer Programs

This 3 starter programs have prepared to create best social unicorns to make the world much better place!

Be a white collar social entrepreneur in your company!

'Social Intrapreneurs' Program turns you into a white collar entrepreneur(intrapreneur) who can make differences for the world while you are working at your company!


Time to be global?
Join us to Be Global!

'StartUP 2 ScaleUP' Program guide you, mentor you, fund you to make your startup global! Be Ready to Fly!


If you are insist to change the world, you are at the rightest place.

Change the World | 2030 Program will help over 10.000 social startups to change the world with them!


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MinorEdu is ready to help you to change the world!
Successful Entrepreneurs will be guide your way!
Worldwide mentors will be on the way to help you!
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From Minorpreneurs!

Minorpreneurs have been changing the world!
Minorpreneurs Have Won 850+ Worldwide Awards!
Total valuation | Startups of Minorpreneurs!
Over 100 Minorpreneurs have changed over 20.000 people life in just 1 year!

Most Popular Courses on MinorEdu!

These are the much loved selected courses from Minorpreneurs of our Alpha Program!
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MinorEdu Business Planning

Socially Yours

Best course to find a social startup idea & learning how to pivot your startup as a social one!

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MinorEdu Business Planning

Creation of Products

Developing customer-oriented products and making it sustainable has never been easier.

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MinorEdu Business Planning

Smartly Planning

3-5 years plans never work. You will plan your business plan smartly day-by-day thanks to this course.

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MinorEdu Business Planning

Validation is King!

More than 50% of startups die because of the wrong customer target. Validate your customer to make your startup as winner ones.

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MinorEdu Business Planning

Think & Love Green

'Low Carbon Strategies' is the key for salvation of our world! Learn how you can make your startup ecological sustainable one!

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MinorEdu Business Planning

How to Be Fundable?

There is a lot smart money has been waiting to make your startup global! However you have to know how to ask for it!

Be a part of Dreams of Young Ones in Rural Areas!

We have been helping young ones in rural areas who got huge potential to be a world changer! Every children can make a difference! Be one of our Dream Chasers!

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MinorEdu Business Planning

“Minoredu introduces them to the world!”

Thanks to Dream Chasers' contribitions, young ones in rural areas reach much better quality education standarts!

Be a Dream Chaser!

You’re at the rightest & trustful place!

As Minorpreneurs, we have been getting great support from the most powerful companies & foundations around the world to make our world a much better place!